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The Eclectic Pen - Demented Dad

By: Nora F. (nora777)   + 58 more  
Date Submitted: 10/16/2020
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 121

  Demented dad, thinks family is making plans behind his back
Frantic mom, doesn't know what to do
Daughters fighting: to tell him or not to tell him
What to do?????
Tell him and he would probably kill himself
And that would probably kill mom
Don't tell him and paranoia increases
And he deserves to know the truth
Doctor says, if you tell him
What makes you think he'll remember any of it an hour later

Family did not tell him
Soon it was moot
Brain loss was too great
Went on for 12 years
Death came as relief to all
And yet all sobbed at graveside anyway
Mom never recovered from his illness
Her life shrank down
To almost nothingness
So it killed her too

False hope probably didn't matter for dad
But didn't do mom any good

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