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The Eclectic Pen - good guys bad guys

By: IONE L. (zaneygraylady)   + 85 more  
Date Submitted: 5/16/2007
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Poetry
Words: 52

  good guys bad guys
in a world we made of lies
you and me us and them
is that how it's always been
cowboys indians
arabs americans
god on our side
makes a slipery slide
your god my god
what god which god
made these borders
gave the orders
to conquer and devide
from the truth we hide
we blame him
for our sin

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Jim H. (Pecos45) - 5/16/2007 11:09 PM ET
Cleverly done, Ione.
Marta J. (booksnob) - 5/17/2007 9:10 AM ET
Another good one!
Claudia (BrokenWing) - 5/17/2007 12:46 PM ET
very good. I like this.
Angela D. (jaylou) - 5/17/2007 4:10 PM ET
So true.
Kristen D. - 5/18/2007 5:24 PM ET
Wow. Funny how people always try to push the blame off on someone else, huh? And STRANGELY ENOUGH, I find myself doing this often....
Comments 1 to 5 of 5