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Book Reviews of Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19)

Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19)
Personal - Jack Reacher, Bk 19
Author: Lee Child
ISBN-13: 9780804178747
ISBN-10: 0804178747
Publication Date: 9/2/2014
Pages: 368
  • Currently 3.8/5 Stars.

3.8 stars, based on 100 ratings
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Book Type: Hardcover
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debs avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 643 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Not my favorite Reacher book, by a long shot (I've read every single one in the series). Too much action and not enough character development, which is so prevalent (and important) in the previous stories. I missed reading more into Reacher's personality.
RickMatt avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 4 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
I read the first Reacher novel, Killing Floor, a few weeks ago then skipped right to this, the most recent Jack Reacher novel (#19 I think.) I found this book much more enjoyable - and it's interesting to see how Child's writing style has changed over the years. The earlier novel spent a lot of time exploring the hero's musical and culinary interests. This one completely skipped those expositions in favor of more and faster action.

Child has also moved into more of a 4-6 page chapter length format - offering plenty of convenient stopping points for a busy reader, but also pulling you out of the story too frequently.

The novel finds Reacher, an itinerant retired Army MP, responding to a personal ad placed in an issue of Army Times that is used to bring him into the investigation of an attempted assassination involving a sniper, possibly one put into prison by Reacher over 15 years earlier.

I found the book readable, somewhat interesting, although easy to put down.
nawatramani avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 25 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Better than the last one (which was the worst Jack Reacher book in the series, IMO) but nowhere close to the first 10 or so books in the series. The best I can say about it is that it was decent read, which is damning in its own way! If I had to use one word to describe it, I would say it was pedestrian - nothing that sets it apart from a few thousand other books out there!
travelingal avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 10 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 2
Lee Child missed the mark with this book. Without a doubt, one of his most boring books I've read; and I've read every single one of them. Too, too much minute details that don't interest the average reader. I finally gave up reading and listed it on Swap.
anujean avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 12 more book reviews
Helpful Score: 1
I was disappointed in this recent book. It basically followed the theme of the other books, but was slower reading. Too much involved detail and not as much action and interaction with other characters. Seemed rather anticlimactic.
mrrob avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 83 more book reviews
If there's a Jack Reacher book I haven't read, I'd be surprised. I was surprised to find this one, so just had to place my order. However, after slogging through all the ridiculous details, I finally finished it. I'm actually surprised that Lee Child wrote this one, it was so unlike any of the others I've read! All the characters were so non-interesting, the story plot was do drawn out, I really had a hard time sticking with it! And, the ending was a big anti-climax.
Would I recommend this book to a Reacher fan? A resounding NO!
papertiger avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 42 more book reviews
Jack Reacher is losing it. Once a totally off-the-wall loner who tramped around the country leaving no footprints. Now, in "Personal," he can be summoned by a personal ad in Army Times. Once a formidable deductive logician who tracked people down using a street map and his own reasoning, now he relies on data and analysis fed to him by several nations' spy networks. Once able to make steady and direct progress to solve the problems he was willing to take on, now he takes so long to reach his objective one wonders if it is only to provide enough pages to get the list price the publisher wants. I still love the first ten books and reread them every two years; but, the last five Reacher books have been a disappointment I blame it on Lee Childs's success.

Child should start using co-authors so we will be alerted that it is only a pseudo-Reacher book we are being asked to buy.
chesse avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 129 more book reviews
What can you say, the hits just keep on coming. Is there a real Reacher out there?
BigGreenChair avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 454 more book reviews
This one was really uninteresting-no thrill to it. Not at all as good as say, Persuader was. I was going to say it was boring, but that's not it--it's just not interesting. I'm glad to see other reviewers agreed with me. Characters not interesting either.
perryfran avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 1183 more book reviews
I have read and enjoyed all of the previous Reacher novels but this one for some reason just seemed tedious. I think there was much too much detail given about surroundings, procedures, etc. and not enough action! Also, Reacher was working with a team from other countries and the CIA to try to stop a sniper from reeking havoc at the G8 conference in London rather than being on his own. The sniper had an old grudge against Reacher so he was called in to try to catch him for a second time. Like I said, along the way there was just too much detail and tedium. Things did pick up towards the end but overall just a very mild recommendation. Hopefully, the next one will be better.
reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 10 more book reviews
As always, Lee Child spins a Jack Reacher tale that kept me glued to the book.
reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 3098 more book reviews
I was so disappointed with this book!

I am a devout Reacher fan but this one just didn't keep my interest.

It takes probably 1/2 the book for anything to happen, I didn't care for the other characters and that can have a big effect on the entire book

It moves so slow but mostly it is just full of descriptions galore and I hate that! so again here I go skipping and skimming just to get past all the 'fighting' pages and I think there is way way too much descriptions of all the fighting

I don't want to know what everyone wore, or what they ate, or if they drove a clunker what has that got to do with anything, so I think Child failed in this attempt for an 'excellent' Reacher novel

Chalk one up for the fact I got it from the library and didn't pay a cent for it!!!
reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 352 more book reviews
Not the best Reacher book. Too long and confusing. Assination of a world leader
buzzby avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 6062 more book reviews
I'd still feel more comfortable if Reacher went out and took his Driver's License Exam.
reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 625 more book reviews
Outstanding! Grabbed me from chapter one and never let go. Ends with a twist that you will not see coming. In every book I am open-mouthed at how smart Jack Reacher is, and of course how brilliant Lee Child is to have created him.
reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on
I like all the Jack Reacher books.
junie avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 630 more book reviews
First let me say I love all Reacher books, but this one was a little disappointing. I didn't think it was exciting enough, even a little dull at times. The story was interesting and the ending was a shocker, but Reacher didn't have enough to do other than to hunt down a sniper who was out to get him and to put down a 7 ft, 350lb giant whose legs looked like tree trunks! Interesting because the giant couldn't shoot a gun since his fingers were too large!! lol.
arthudson avatar reviewed Personal (Jack Reacher, Bk 19) on + 91 more book reviews
good book