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The Eclectic Pen - The Storm

By: Melia C. (eliamaycruz)  
Date Submitted: 9/23/2008
Genre: Literature & Fiction » Short Stories & Anthologies
Words: 631

  It rained that night. It was more beautiful than anything she'd experienced in a long time. The sound of the rain drops hitting the asphalt, the speckled look of the sky as millions of drops fell from above, and most especially, the smell of the rain, combined to create the most beautiful spectacle she had witnessed in a long time. Since she was a child, she had been strangely attracted to the rain, always getting in trouble for getting herself wet and catching colds. She couldn't keep herself from it.

A painful childhood memory kept her away from the rain, though she constantly longed to feel the cold wetness against her skin once again. She couldn't expose herself to it again. She loved the rain, but she couldn't bring herself to enjoy it the way she used to. Ever since they had abandoned her in the Place that stormy night all those years ago, the rain had instilled a deep fear in her. She was certain there was more to the rain than everyone else thought. As she listened to the orchestra of natural wonders outside her window, however, she realized she felt no fear.

That night, when everyone was asleep, she stepped outside the safe niche she had created for herself in her home and went outside to relish the rain. It was lovely. She closed her eyes, listening as rain drops cascaded down from the heavens. Breathing in deeply, she savored the beautiful smell. She lifted her head and smiled as the wet drops soaked her to the bone. Oh, how she had missed this. Suddenly, the Storm came.

It was horrible. She instantly regretted her foolishness. Fear began to pulse through her veins. If she had given things a little more thought, she wouldn't have been caught in the Storm yet again. It was a horrible Storm, just like the one that had passed that night so many years ago. It didn't matter anymore. The Storm was here, and it was time to face the consequences.

Some found storms comforting; she found them dreadful. Some liked the sounds of a storm. They were relaxed by the sounds of thunder, the sight of lightning, and the sound of pounding rain on just about every surface you could imagine. Unlike them, she hated storms. She hated them with a passion, especially this Storm. She could never smell the sweet, comforting rain during a storm. All she sensed was destruction. With every horrible rumble of thunder and streak of lighting that burdened the skies, her memories of the Place returned. With each memory, her spirit broke a little. She knew she should have escaped the Storm and sought shelter, but she couldn't bring herself to flee it.

Somewhere, someone was controlling the Storm. Someone knew exactly when to send a streak of lightning into the sky. Somewhere, someone knew exactly when to send the lightning, thunder, and howling wind so that it would break her spirit. Thunder's rumble reached her core, startling her and shaking her deeply. The sight of Lightning making its way across the sky hurt her eyes, and she could almost feel the electric, painful jolt in her heart. The howling Wind blew everything away, ripping things up, ruining the Earth. Each powerful gust ripped things from the ground, and she could almost feel things being ripped from her heart.

Something hit her. A sharp, white-hot pain spread across her neck, and, losing control, she fell towards the ground. She felt the warm blood flowing freely from a gash just behind her ear and closed her eyes. She knew she was in the Place again. This time, however, she would embrace the comforting darkness. As she closed her eyes, she wished that she could, just once more, feel the calm before the storm.

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Sabriena W. (hazeleyesrangeleyes) - 9/27/2008 1:57 PM ET
Are you going to make a part two so we find out what she's talking about? Written mysteriously and chillingly! Good job.
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