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School Donation Program - Suggest a School

Thanks for your interest in submitting a school for consideration for the next Books for Schools program.
If you would like to suggest an elementary school for consideration, please contact the school principal first and get his/her approval before submitting your request. For strongest consideration, please have the Principal submit the request for consideration. This ensures that your school will be given the best chance to be selected.
We make decisions based on (among other factors) the completeness of the information provided to us in your submitted request and the school's degree of need. Schools with a greater need will take precedence. Please read the descriptions of the schools that have participated to get an idea of the types of schools that are selected.
Please note: We cannot fulfill every request because of limited funds; we are doing the best we can in identifying and selecting the schools with the greatest needs across the country.
Please fill out this form as completely as possible, including correct address and phone numbers. Incomplete requests will not be considered due to the high number of requests being submitted.
We will review each submission as quickly as possible. If the school you suggest is selected, we will contact the Principal for verification and review the request prior to adding the school to the donations page.
Thanks for your consideration and support!
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