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Help Center - NoScript and PaperBackSwap

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It's come to our attention that some of our users browse the Web with a popular Firefox extension called NoScript. 

This tool, which prevents certain Javascript and Flash components from running, is designed to prevent annoyances and invasions of the user's privacy.  Unfortunately, it also interferes with some features of our site, such as posting books or printing address wrappers.  In order to have the best possible PaperBackSwap experience, please follow these simple instructions to enable the scripts our site uses.

When you load up the PaperBackSwap site, you may see an alert at the bottom of your screen that has


  • the NoScript logo
  • a description of the scripts that have been prevented from running, and
  • an Options button.

If you have this window, all you need to do is click:


  • “Allow” and
  • “Allow”  (This second one is part of a partnership we have with Yahoo to use some of the technology that Yahoo uses to provide excellent user experiences to enrich PaperbackSwap.  The Yahoo technology is quite safe and will not endanger your browser or your privacy.)

If you don't see this alert window, look for the small NoScript logo in the lower right-hand corner of your Firefox browser. 


  • Click the logo and you'll see the list of options described above. 
  • Follow the same instructions given above.