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PaperBackSwap Book Club Reaches One Million Books

BookCatcher (Website) - 4/8/2007 by
BookCatcher : PaperBackSwap Book Club Reaches One Million Books, the nation's largest book club, has passed a major milestone for book lovers everywhere, making over one million books available for free trading.

Co-founders Richard Pickering and Robert Swarthout developed the online book club to allow readers from across the United States to trade books for free. In less than 24 months, the online phenomenon has peaked the interest of thousands of book fans across the United States. The excitement has continued to grow as the club surpassed one million books available.

"We see our members trade about 35,000 books a week," says Co-Founder and avid reader Richard Pickering. "With this explosion of interest in trading books, our members can select from any genre to satisfy their literary desires."

The club operates on a simple premise: a club member selects a book they want and the system sends an email to the member that has the book. That member then mails the book to the requestor and a credit is exchanged for a future book.

To mail the book, the sender easily prints two pieces of paper from his or her printer and then wraps them around the book, attaches postage (usually $1.59) and pops it in the mail. No post office visit is required.

When the sending member wants to order a book, another member returns the favor and mails them a book free of charge. This credit-for-book trade system also applies to their sister music site,

Matthew and Mary Stinnette of Chesapeake, VA have been active members of for one year and were just recently declared the official winners of the club's "1,000,000 Books Contest" by selecting the exact date and time that the one millionth book would be posted.

"My family lives and breathes on!" says Matthew Stinnette. "There isn't any other site as awesome as this one, and we, especially my wife and teenage daughter, visit it nearly every day. I have had a household of happy readers since we joined the club, thanks a million to PaperBackSwap."

"The best part about our club is our members," says Swarthout. "What started as a trading system has turned into a social community of readers that share so much more than books. Our members transcend miles and become best friends through club communications, discussion forums and coffee-time chat rooms."
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