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The 37-Cent Nose Hair Trimmer & Paperback Swap

KMBC-TV Channel 9 Kansas City (TV) - 12/11/2008 by Dion Lim
Before I start my post about PaperbackSwap, a BIG thank you to Cynthia who sent me this tip about Marbeck appliances:

Cynthia told me about the 37-cent nose hair trimmer, and I started looking around more, and see you can buy 4 (packages I think) of batteries…Panasonic ones for 58-cents! Now that’s a LOSS LEADER. (Like our Coupon Mom, Chrissy Pate taught me, loss-leaders at the grocery store are those items that sell for waaaay below cost, to get you into the store to spend money.)

Check it out!

This next deal, is a site I discovered not too long ago, and started using to trade my un-read, or already-read and unwanted books online for new ones I do want.

Best of all, there’s almost 3 MILLION books on the site, and it’s FREE! Just pay for postage, which is about 2-bucks. (I print it online at the site, then wrap the book in it…no envelopes…no hassle. This, I like!)

Thanks again for the tips everybody– I’ve had a good time hearing about all of them!

Dion (and the Deals) :-)
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