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PaperBackSwap Is The Real Deal

Rosie Knows (Other) - 4/1/2009 by Brooke Lawrence
Inside View:
PaperBackSwap Is the Real Deal

When we hear something is free, often it's too good to be true.

That's not the case, however, with one of our favorite websites. When RosieKnows decided to create a lesson on, we tried it out for ourselves. First we listed ten books we were ready to part with. Soon we were notified by email that someone wanted one of our books, and we mailed it off. With our PaperBackSwap (PBS) credits, we selected a book we liked and it was delivered promptly, at no charge. It was fast, fun and easy.

Getting folks to believe they would receive free books was one of the main challenges facing Richard Pickering when he founded his Internet book exchange four and a half years ago. To help convince any doubters, Pickering developed a slogan: "No gotcha's, no gimmicks, no kidding!"

Thanks to the thrift mentality currently sweeping the country and glowing praise from Oprah and other major media figures, thousands of people are now convinced is the real deal. According to Pickering, PBS members have successfully swapped close to five million books to date. He also mentioned that PBS members are heavy users of the site's community features and many new friendships have been made over a shared passion for books and reading.

While the key to PaperBackSwap's success has been the simplicity of the swapping process, RosieKnows makes it even easier for you by providing a lesson for the site. You can view our lesson before you become a PBS member and feel confident you'll know how to swap like a pro.

Currently, there are more than three million books available for swapping on the site, so you are sure to find ones that interest you. If you're a reader, is one of best websites is to come along.

Brooke Lawrence
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