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Selling And Trading Books Online (Website) - 5/20/2009 by Mary Daugherty Go to Mary's Home Page
Instead of selling, trading or giving your books to friends and family why not try to move them online. The Internet can help you sell or trade your books, either used or new, online. Following are a few simple suggested steps to take before you can actually trade or sell your books online.

? First, you’re going to have to have an account at a bank or on a credit card because many of the companies that list your books only pay you through an account such as these.

? Next, collect any of your old or new books that you do not want. Make sure that there in good condition. List them by title, author and ISBN number. (Usually found on the back of each book.)

? After you collect all of the books, you will then need to proceed to find a site where you can list your books. There are many sites out there that will let you list your items, although some, like eBay will charge you to list each book. A few sites that offer free book listings are and Try and set up your account with one of these sites. A great trade site is Paperback Swap (This site also trade hardbacks, CDs and DVDs.).

? Once you sign up with one of the above mentioned sites you will then need to read the FAQ of whichever site you signed up with to learn the basics of how to sell or trade your books online with their recommendations. Whichever site you choose will offer a FAQ page on how to list your books and how to ship your books when someone requests it.

? Once your book sells you will need to ship it in a timely manner, usually within 3 days. Be sure to purchase shipping tape, envelopes, bubble wrap and boxes for this part of the process. (At Paperback Swap you may even purchase postage right on the site!)

These are many other sites out there so scout around to make sure which one is right for you.
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