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4 Websites Every Book Lover Should Visit

ABC 15/Arizona (TV) - 7/8/2009 by Marchelle Lee
Have you been known to devour a good book now and then? Or maybe you're constantly reading and can't get enough.

Either way, if you like to read, here are a few websites to swap, search, borrow and buy books on the cheap!

1. Swap it!

First is a website called It's like Christmas for book lovers. All you have to do is add any books that you have (and are willing to swap) to your account and then add story titles to your "wish list."

Once you've posted some of your books, they may be requested by other users. When you send them out, you get a credit!

That's when you can start browsing and order ANY book on the site! There are MILLIONS of books to choose from!

When you order you get it shipped to you FREE! (If you want an audio book it's 2 credits)

Also, if you are the first account for your household, you get TWO startup credits as soon as you list 10 books with the club.

That means two FREE books from other members of the club right away! Or don't wait. You can purchase a credit for just $3.45. Not too shabby!
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