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Surfing The Net With Kids Moms/ Massachusettes (Newspaper) - 7/24/2009 by Barbara Feldman
Have you ever swapped paperbacks with a friend? Then you’ve participated in a book exchange, also known as a book swap or trade. Now imagine a website that gives you access to thousands of book-reading friends and keeps track of multi-way swaps so that you can send a book to Thelma, but in return receive a free book from Louise. Now you’ve got the ultimate book club for readers who don’t mind spending a few minutes wrapping up their old books and mailing them out.


With 3.7 million books available for swapping, PaperBackSwap is the biggest of the online book swapping sites. Its point system is pretty simple: You earn a credit for sending a book and use a credit for receiving a book. For shipping, PaperBackSwap provides a printable two-page wrapper that is both a do-it-yourself envelope and a pre-addressed label. Just wrap your book, add postage, and “pop the book in the mail.’’ You’ll need to weigh your book to determine the correct postage.

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