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Catching A 'Net Full Of Savings

Cape Cod Times (Newspaper) - 5/15/2009 by Candace Hammond
You're the type who uses your home computer only to forward viral videos of cats doing zany things, it's time to wake up and smell the savings.

The Internet is rife with opportunities to trim costs on everything from groceries to new cars.

Helpful Web sites
Here are a few more online opportunities for savings: Get a daily list of clothing items on Sign up at no charge to receive daily notices of savings at lots of stores and Web cute jewelry at bargain great source for grocery Take advantage of offers from all sorts of stores and get coupons for everyday Has everything from bedding to electronics to video Has rebates, coupons and free shipping Allows you to comparison-shop online.
So while you're taking advantage of the many good deals offered by local businesses in this tough economy, also consider the savings available just a keystroke away.

It's easy to be intimidated by the Internet if you don't have a lot of computer experience, and that is exactly what motivated Rosie Blandford to begin two years ago. Rosieknows not only helps visitors learn how to use their home computers more effectively, the site also shows you ways to save some cash.

"I began Rosieknows because I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted to do more with my computer, and this Web site came out of my own struggle," says Blandford on the phone from her Chicago office. "Besides teaching people how to upload pictures to send to the grandparents and how to navigate Facebook, we've found some great ways for people to save money as well."

One of the big ways to save is in communications and entertainment of all types, Blandford says.

If books are more your thing, at you can choose from more than 3 million books all you have to do is swap a book you've read and pay for the shipping. At book-rate postage, that's getting a book to read and keeping it, if you like, for only a couple of dollars
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