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Sarah Bowman Loves SwapaDVD

venuszine (Website) - 8/20/2009 by Venus Zine Staff
I, like many of you out there, am guilty of making bad DVD purchases. Yes, that “great deal” I got on Ten Things I Hate About You back in high school hasn’t really paid off, but I’ve been given another chance to redeem myself. SwapaDVD is the newest way to do something with all those less then ideal movie choices. Instead of gag gifting them to your friends you can now swap your DVDs for different ones. All you have to do is post your unwanted DVDs on the website and then find new movies to order. You can then choose to keep the new DVDs or swap them again. With the only cost coming from mailing the DVDs to their new owners – this is cheaper than going to the movie store and making some more poor decisions.

Start swapping those old DVD's here.

Sarah Bowman is a Venus Zine promotions intern
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