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Website Saves Money On Books

WETM NBC 18/ Elmira NY (TV) - 11/23/2009 by Naveen Dhaliwal
ELMIRA - Buying a brand new book can be difficult for some of you in this tough economy, with some of them costing $20 to $30. But there’s a website that can help you continue to enjoy your hobby and save hundreds on your favorite reads

Most of us to go the library to get books, but Lynn Dates goes to her mailbox.

Dates is a member of, an online service that allows you to trade books with readers all over the country.

“We signed up in June of this year and we've saved $202 which doesn't seem like a lot, but it is when I see how many books they've received,” says Dates.

Dates says it's simple; you register for free and offer nine books online to other readers.

When a reader requests a book, you print out a mail postage label and send it off in the mail. The only cost you have is the postage which averages about $2.50.

She says once your first nine books have been borrowed, you receive three points. One point means you can request a book of your choice online.

“Swap one, you get one. It's a point system, one to one,” says Dates.

Dates say with her family looking at ways to keep her money in her wallet in this tough economy, the site is big savings.

“This helps alleviate a little of the cost. Books cost between, kids books between $7 to $10, some are even more than that. If they are reading fast it adds up over the weeks,” says Dates.

Nancy Bryant has been using paperbackswap dot com for almost five years.

“I saved $850 by getting all these books online,” says Nancy Bryant.

“If it's a popular book you still have to buy it so the book that I like are 2002 – 2003, but they're still good books that I like to read,” says Bryant.

There are almost 3,000 users and more than four million books for adults and children available on We’ve also checked with the Better Business Bureau and the site is safe.

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