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Make A Withdrawal From Your Book Bank

Biztools (Website) - 1/27/2010 by Staff
Maybe it's time to sort through your stack and cash in your unneeded books for a fresh read.

On PaperBack Swap you can exchange your used and unwanted books for volumes that will do more than just house dust bunnies. As a member of PaperBack Swap, youíll have access to an online community of readers that are looking to trade their books. Despite the name of the Web site, PaperBack Swap isnít exclusive to paperback books, but instead allows you to trade hardcover as well as audio books. The only stipulation is that every publication exchanged must be the original version and it canít contain advertising materials. To get started you must post a list of books youíre willing to give away. For the first 10 books you post, youíll receive two points. These points can then be used to purchase books from other members. Hardback and paperback books cost one point, audio books cost two. To find books on PaperBack Swap, you can search by title, member, genre or keyword. If you canít find the book youíre looking for, add it to your wish list. If and when someone posts that book on the site, youíll be notified immediately and will have 48 hours to respond before the book is offered to the next person.

When a PaperBack Swap member requests one of your books, itís up to you to send them the book. You have five days to send before the transaction is cancelled. Before you send the book, you must first log onto the PaperBack Swap Web site and notify the recipient when you're shipping the package. To make the shipping process a little less painful, PaperBack Swap downloads and prints a pre-generated wrapper that includes the shipping address as well as your address. If you'd rather handwrite the address, PaperBack Swap lets you, but why hassle?

Just wrap the book up, add the proper postage and drop it in the mail. Once the member receives the book, he or she will mark it received on his or her account. At that time you will be awarded points for the swap, while points are deducted from your recipient's account. Unfortunately, since this process relies on both the sender and receiver's participation, there are a few possible problems. Many of these, such as lost or damaged books, are listed on the Web site along with the companyís policy for resolving them.

While the system may not be flawless, we believe PaperBack Swap lives up to its core promise: getting those useless books off your shelf and replacing them with volumes that have more appeal.
Other Features

* A large variety of hardcover, paperback and audio books.
* Free membership.
* Premade shipping label.
* Two free introductory points for listing 10 books.
* Create a wish list.
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