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Press & Media » Announces New PBS Market (Website) - 2/13/2010 by Jill Celeste, one of the largest book swap Web sites, recently announced the addition of its new PBS Market - where people can purchase new, overstock books at significantly low prices.

PBS Market is open to members of Paperbackswap as well as non-members. For members, the market integrates with the member's Wish List, letting her know if a book she is wishing for can be purchased through PBS Market. If a member decides to purchase through PBS Market, she can pay "just money" (credit card, debit card or PayPal) or use one of her Book Credits to lower the purchase cost. Book Credits are given to members who successfully swap a book on the Web site. For each book swapped, members earn one point, which can be used to request a book from another member, or in this case, lower the price on PBS Market.

Savings on PBS Market can be significant. For example, the hardcover copy of The Food for a Younger Land, which is a popular wishlisted book, sells for $27.95. Through the PBS Market, the books sells for $7.69. If a member uses one credit, the book price is reduced to $4.29. Shipping and handling costs are applied at check-out.

Proceeds from PBS Market go back to the company, who offers membership at no cost. For more information, visit
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