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The Framework To Better Budgeting

Epoch Times (Newspaper) - 2/15/2010 by Trent Hamm
Second, isolate whatís really at the center of those things. Again, for me, itís my family and reading and writing. Those things are really the two things Iím most passionate about with my time.

Letís dig a little deeper here with the reading element of things. I love reading books and for a long time, I confused that love of reading with a love of buying and owning books. Thus, I would go to bookstores and allow that passion for reading to take over, causing me to way overspend.

In truth, though, itís the act of reading that I love. I really donít care much at all whether I own the book Iím reading or whether itís a library book, or whether the book is used or new.

Once I realized that, my bookstore spending went down. Way down. Instead, I started doing most of my book browsing at the library, on, or in my friendsí book collections.
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