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Save Money On Books With A Quick Pre-buy Click

Frugal Underground (Website) - 4/20/2010 by Sarah Lewis

Many frugal folks are already familiar with PaperBackSwap (and other similar sites, like Frugal Reader), but whether or not you are interested in swapping your own books, itís worth a quick check to see if the book you want is available, because you can also buy credits in lieu of swapping.

For instance, at PaperBackSwap, a credit costs $3.45 (at the moment, anyway), and that covers the book and the shipping. Compare it to paying $3.99 just for shipping at Amazon, and you can see

Of course, this is only helpful if you donít mind a used copy, and the book you want is actually available, but considering the potential savings, I like to include it in my routine check. Itís only one click, after all!
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