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Exchange Your Books On Paperback Swap

Couponing To Disney (Website) - 4/16/2010 by Couponing to Disney
Back in 2007 I joined a website called Paperback Swap. Iíve used this site every since to exchange my used paperback books for other paperback books. I most recently used my credits to complete my collection of Catherine Anderson books.

Paperback Swap is so easy to use. Hereís how it works:

1. Join Paperback Swap (this is my referral link and I will earn a free book credit. Make sure you refer your friends after you join!)

2. Post 10 books that you are willing to swap with other members. Once you have posted 10 books you will automatically receive 2 credits!

3. You can use your credits to order ANY BOOK YOU WANT (each paperback book costs 1 credit)! Just use their search feature to search over a million different paperback books. They have everything! And if you donít see the book you want, you create a wish list and the minute that book is listed by a member, you are alerted!

4. If a member requests one of the books you have listed for trade, it is so easy to mail it to them! You just print out the Paperback Swap mailers (these print on computer paper), wrap up the book and affix postage (itís usually $2.23 to mail a book) and send it off. When the member receives the book, you will receive a credit in your account (that you can use to get any book you want!)

5. Itís that simple! I love love love this site.

If you have any more questions, leave a comment and I will do my best to answer it.
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