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Paperback Swap - Free Books!

Mommy Life (Website) - 2/24/2010 by Barbara
This is amazing!! At least for a household of book lovers like ours.

A couple years ago, Angie told me about PaperbackSwap - where you list your books (hardbacks too) and agree to send them free as people order them (usually 2.38 media mail).

For every book you sell, you get a point which you can then use to order a book FREE from their huge database. And when you sign up and list 10 books, they give you two points to start ordering stuff right away.

I signed up immediately and within 10 minutes had listed 10 books and ordered a book I've been looking for (in hardback too!). Two of the books I listed were on people's waiting lists and I'd packed them off and made two more points within a week.

Since then I've sent over 200 books and received over 200. Which sounds like a lot, but there are five AVID readers involved here.

When I signed up, Angie got a point because I listed her as my referral. The link above is coded so that if you use it to sign up yourself, I will get a point on my account.

But I would tell you even if there were no points for referrals. I would tell you, because Paperback Swap has been so totally COOL!

As of today, Paperback Swap has 4,349,589 books listed and hundreds of members online listing more at any given time. Any kind of book you're looking for - and some are hardback editions. I entered the keyword Early Reader this morning and there were 2393 listed. 4616 board books. 36 Elisabeth Elliot. 716 Charles Dickens. 48 Dr. and Martha Sears. 232 Narnia. And even one Barbara Curtis :)

Lots of audio books too.

Oh - and here's a great feature: if you want a book that's not listed, you can put it on your wish list and you'll be notified as soon as someone else lists it. We've received many books we were looking for this way - including some of the Adventures of TinTin and even a couple textbooks for my college kids.

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