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How To Organize Your Books In 5 Simple Steps (Website) - 6/3/2010 by Elizabeth Larkin
Organizing your books is a big organizational task. Your book collection is very personal, filled with favorites you cherish, childhood classics, cookbooks and how-to's you use for reference repeatedly. Then there's the rest: the books you purchased at the airport while staring down a four-hour flight with nothing to read, the one your book club briefly mentioned at last month's meeting in between eating, drinking and gossiping, and the one your friend lent you on the beach last summer.

Here's a plan to clear the clutter of the latter category--the ones hanging around taking up space. Since clutter is the enemy of organization, these have got to go.

Step 4: Swap
Swapping is a hassle-free way to reuse and recycle books. Here are some options:

•, similar to, lists your books online but instead of receiving money for them when sold, you build up credits to request other people's books. Users request a book from you, you then print postage directly on the site, wrap the book and drop it in the mailbox.
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