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Paperback Swap

Associated Content (Website) - 6/5/2010 by Morgan Verill is an innovative website to help people save money on books. Instead of paying late fees at the library and buying your own books, how about trading books with other people?

On, all you pay for is the shipping when you send your book to someone, which is not very expensive. You can then request a book from someone else, and they will pay the shipping to send that book to

This is a wonderful idea. I love to read and I think it makes a lot more sense to swap books that I own and have already read. Once you receive a book and finish reading it, you can then list it on the site to swap again.

I would suggest going to craigslist and looking for people who are giving away free books, or hit the flea market or yard sales for books for $2 or less. Whether you want to read them or not, you will have books to list in When a person receives the book they ordered from you, you will get a credit and you will be able to order another book for free!

Some popular titles I found on the site were Night Rising from the Vampire Babylon series, by Chris Marie Green; The Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton; and numerous plays by Shakespeare. There is a genre browsing section, plus you can do a general search.

As soon as I go through my books and write down the ISBN numbers for all the books i'm willing to part with in order to get new ones, I am going to post them to this site. This will be infinitely cheaper than buying books, and if you are like me and don't return your library books on time, you won't have to deal with those pesky late fees!

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