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Letter To The Editor: Swap Books Online

Neighborhood News (Newspaper) - 6/1/2006 by Richard Croft
The current issue of Neighborhood News has an article with some tips on buying books.

I have a tip that I think is even better. There is a web site where members can swap books at no charge except for the postage for sending books to other members. The web site is

It is free to join and when you have posted nine books, you will get three credits for other books.

Each time you mail a book to another member and it is received, you get an additional credit.

All transactions (ordering, confirmations of shipments & receipt, etc.) are handled by E-mail.

The web site is very well run and I have never had any problems with it. It has grown very rapidly and now has over 471,000 books listed. Books are listed by category and it has a good search engine to look for specific books. New books are listed every day and they are shown as soon as you go to the web site. The web site has many other features that you can read about there.

So far, I have mailed 45 books and received 47. Mailing is done by Media Mail and the usual cost at current postal rates for mailing a paper back is $1.59. The web site provides mailing labels that you can print. The paper is used to wrap the book. Some hard cover books are also available.

I highly recommend
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