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Book Review of Blood Rites (Dresden Files, Bk 6)

Blood Rites (Dresden Files, Bk 6)
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Helpful Score: 4


"The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault". How can you not laugh at that first setence knowing how drama follows our poor Harry around?!

Harry is running from poop flinging monkey demons holding a box of puppies and the it does not let up from there. There is so much action in this book and Harry is at his best throwing his wise cracks around and dragging Murphy into the thick of things once again. In this book we have a lot of our questions answered.......

I was having trouble hanging on to the series, the 4th & 5th books just seemed to really go slow and drag, this book has given me faith in this series again!! If you are reading 4 or 5 and are having a hard time like I was stick with it the 6th one ROCKS!!