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Book Review of The Night Sister

The Night Sister
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This author writes mysteries with a supernatural twist and this was my first read from her collection. If you are making a list to use for Halloween reads add this one. There are several gruesome murders and the only hints the reader gets are that the family has a curse and the murders look like an animal was involved. The photo on the dustcover is haunting giving proof to why the title was chosen.

The tale begins by describing the friendship of four girls, their adventures and relationships. Two are sisters, Sylvie and Rose. The third, Piper, lives nearby in a condo. Amy, whose parents own a motel, is the leader in all things. The others are followers who admire her. Like these young girls, Jason, who lives nearby idolizes Amy, collecting whatever she drops or loses and watches her whenever he can.

Fast forward into adult years when Amy, her husand, and son are killed in a bazaar manner. The reader discovers that the answers began years ago when all were young, roller skating and dreaming of the future.

The only survivor of Amy's family was Lou, the daughter. More people die in the fashion that Amy;s family died. If you like unusual mysteries with a twist this book may be your choice. For me, it was an okay read but I don't think I will pursue other mysteries in this series.