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Book Review of Skin Game (Dresden Files, Bk 15)

Skin Game (Dresden Files, Bk 15)
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As Winter Knight for Queen Mab, Harry Dresden has been given a new mission. Mab wants him to assist the leader of the Denarians, Nicodemus Archelone, in breaking into the Nevernever and stealing an item from Hades, God of the Underworld. Harry doesn't want to do it, but he can't back out of the mission or Mab will let the parasite growing in his brain kill him. Nicodemus has assembled his band of thieves, each with a specific expertise. Knowing that he can't trust anyone, Harry must carry through with Mab's request while stopping his archenemy, Nicodemus, from possessing a valuable item from Hades' vault.

Harry is worried that being the Winter Knight is changing him. He sometimes doubts himself and worries that he is being turned into one of the monsters he is fighting. Some of his friends are worried about his choices, wondering if Harry can come back from the choices he has made.

Jim Butcher is in top form in this 15th adventure of the Dresden Files. The last few books certainly weren't bad, but they were dark and the pace of the story was sometimes slow. This book had a great story with lots of action, amusing dialogue, and well-drawn characters. Karrin Murphy, Butters, and Michael Carpenter are on hand to help Harry with this adventure. There are also a few new characters introduced in this book, one of which I hope we will see in future books. My rating: 5 Stars.