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Book Review of Everyone Worth Knowing

Everyone Worth Knowing
Everyone Worth Knowing
Author: Lauren Weisberger
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 3

Lauren Weisberger really hit the big time with her first novel, The Devil Wears Prada, and was most likely encouraged to milk the rebound from Prada with a similar type of novel. In fact, I'm wondering if she can write anything that's really different at this point in time, if ever.

What I find irritating about her books is that the main character is always a spoiled, whiny child who manages to get a job that other people would be infinitely grateful to have - the perks are amazing and the job provides opportunities for tremendous career growth. The pay isn't all that great and the hours are long - but hey, I'd rather have a job like this than work the same amount of time at Burger King and Walmart. But do Weisberger's characters see it this way? No, they'd rather whine about the long hours, "hard work," cattiness and difficult demands than count their obvious blessings. Further, they do this with a sense of righteousness - as if earning a great deal of money working a straight 40 hour week with honest, cooperative co-workers immediately out of college is something they are entitled to have.

In Prada, Weisberger must have been told that her characters were a bit too one-dimensional, because this book is stuffed with characters who have an eccentricity. Only one per character, and their quirkiness seems pulled out of a book of stereotypes.

However, all this said, it was still a fun read. Why? Because a.) it gives you an insight into a world that most of us will never be a part of, with luxurious opportunities and gifts raining from heaven and b.) it allows US to feel self-righteous as we smugly imagine what WE would do if given the same opportunity!

So I would not pass up this book on its shortcomings, because even though it's advantages seem less influential, they make the reading worthwhile.

If you enjoyed Prada on ANY level, this book is definitely for you.