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Book Review of The Sentinel (Jack Reacher, Bk 25)

The Sentinel (Jack Reacher, Bk 25)
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I have been a big fan of the Jack Reacher novels ever since reading the first in the series THE KILLING FLOOR several years ago. Since then, I have read all the novels up to BLUE MOON which I thought was a pretty big letdown. Then I heard that Lee Child was handing over the writing of the novels to his brother, Andrew Child. Well, I thought, it's a good time to say goodbye to Reacher. New authors writing established series have always been somewhat of a downer for me. But then I saw the first season of the new REACHER TV series on Amazon Prime and was duly impressed! I enjoyed it so much that I was looking for another Reacher fix until season two comes along. So I decided to go ahead and get the first book, THE SENTINEL, co-written by Andrew from the library. And to my surprise, I did actually enjoy it and thought the writing was on a par with many of the previous Reacher novels.

The story has Reacher coming into a small town in Tennessee when he spots a man walking into an ambush. Of course, he rescues the guy and finds out that there is a lot going on in the small town including the town being shut down by cyber thieves using ransom ware. But is that all that is going on? For some reason the man, Rusty Rutherford, who he rescued is wanted by a group who think he has something very important to them. But what could it be? Rusty has no idea but it probably has something to do with some data that was saved on a server after the cyber attack. The story goes on and involves some neo-nazis as well as some Russians who are trying to disrupt the democratic process.

I thought overall this was a good story and based on it, I guess I will be continuing with the series. The next book, BETTER OFF DEAD, has already been published and another is planned for 2022. Yay!