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Book Review of Cloud Cuckoo Land

Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Author: Anthony Doerr
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Cloud Cuckoo Land is a masterpiece of a book about a book called Aethon's story. The setting is Constantinople in the 15th century with 13 year-old Anna who is an orphan. In a small town in present-day Idaho, Zeno, an octogenarian rehearses 5 children in a play adaptation of Aethon's story. And in a not-so-distant future, on the interstellar ship Argos, Konstance is alone in a vault, copying on scraps of sacking the story of Aethon, told to her by her father. Cloud Cuckoo Land is a beautiful and redemptive novel about stewardship of the book, of the Earth, of the human heart. This book switches between these 3 time zones and can get confusing if you don't pay attention to the story. It's a book that you will either love it to be longer or hate it and wish it was shorter. If you love different kinds of genre then I believe you will love this book as I find it to be a mixture of all genres. It definitely will go down in book history as a book you should read before you die!