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Book Review of Must Love Hellhounds: The Britlingens Go to Hell / Angel's Judgement / Magic Mourns / Blind Spot

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Charlaine Harris's The Britlingens Go to Hell - you've got to admire a story that can do a credible hob of combining magic, Hell, Amelia Earhart, Narcissus and [of course] hellhounds. These are NOT lovable hellhounds.

Angels' Judgment - Nalini Singh - Although it stood well enough on it's own, I got the distinct impression there were nuances I was missing because I haven't read the Guild Hunter books yet. The hellhound had only a small part - as the original junkyard dog...

Magic Mourns - Ilona Andrews - I enjoyed a shifter who was not one of the standard species [wolf, lion, tiger, etc] but a bouda [werehyena]. It was interesting enough to make me look up the references - and yes, boudas are part of the folkloric tradition in Eurasian and African cultures. The hellhound here is the original superstar of the genre - Cerberus, guardian of the gates of hell. Related to the Kate Daniels series but functioned well on it's own.

Blind Spot - Meljean Brook - This one was fun - and had a truly lovable hellhound called Sir Pup. On the strength of this story I added the author to my wishlist...