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Book Review of All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 7)

All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 7)
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Ms Harris shows why she is a best seller in this action packed seventh installment of the Southern Vampire Series. We start out with Sookie doing some everyday things around Bon Temps and meeting with some old friends. She gets invited to a wedding shower which is a major social success for her. Has a run in with Arlene, who is now a member of the fast growing Fellowship of the Sun. Goes to her brother's impromptu wedding and shows that Hotshot knows how to throw a party! Gets to find out what it is like to make love to a warm blooded male (Quinn) and decides that she might be falling in love with him.

While getting ready for the vampire summit, everyone is telling her that it is a bad idea to go. But Sookie has gotten used to the extra padding in her bank account that working for the vampires has provided and she already made the commitment to work it. Besides working for the Queen with her special talent, she is to be the main witness for Sophie Anne's trial for murdering her new husband (Definitely Dead).

Louisiana will not be sending as many vampires as normal to the summit due to the damage hurricane Katrina did, their funds are depleted plus many did not survive. Eric, Pam, Andre and Bill are a few of the vampires going and even Quinn is going in a working capacity. Barry the Bellboy is also at the summit working in the same capacity as Sookie, but for the vampires of Texas.

As with any political summit there are goings on behind the scenes, secret alliances and backroom deals. Will Sookie have what it takes to survive the summit? With several murders to solve, sexual tension between Erik, Quinn & Sookie, and new supernatural group to figure out, will Sookie be able to come out of this one intact? And what is the Fellowship of the Sun up to?

I absolutely loved this book! With this series Ms Harris has taken a simple southern bar maid and we have watched her grow with each book, and this one is no exception. In All Together Dead, Sookie's eyes are opened much more and she becomes aware of dangers to her not only from the vampires and the other supernatural beings but from the human population as well. With the introduction of the Britlingens, it makes me wonder what else is out there for Sookie to find out. As with all the books in this series Ms Harris has skillfully mixed paranormal, humor, mystery and romance; if you are a fan of those genres and have not read any of the Sookie books you definitely need to go out and get them. If you have read them, then you know that you MUST get All Together Dead; you will not be disappointed, as this is the best one yet!

Reviewed by Cat Smith
For PNR Reviews
June 21, 2007