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Book Review of Brooklyn Doesn't Rhyme (Aladdin Historical Fiction)

Brooklyn Doesn't Rhyme (Aladdin Historical Fiction)
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A short children's novel, but with some seldom-remembered history, told by Rosey Sachs in a school assignment to write about her family, in early 20th century Brooklyn.

Rosey's family and friends, immigrant Polish Jews and their children, encounter problems of language, losing track of relatives, coping with modern inventions like the telephone, and especially poverty, but also issues of trade unionism and women's rights. And in the course of her sixth-grade year. Rosey begins to grow up and think about boys.

What the book did NOT contain was encountering anti-Jewish or anti-immigrant discrimination. I'm not sure that all the non-immigrant, non-Jewish people Rosey meets, like her sixth grade-teacher, would be as tolerant as these are.

Still, I enjoyed the book.