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Book Review of Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)

Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)
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I was eager to pick this one up after the last Jim butcher book I read (Blood Rites) but I don't know... slow start. It took me about half the way through the book for me to finally go âyes!â and want to devour it.

I'm intrigued by the book's ending. And by some of the points it raises for future books in the series.

I like Lasciel. Which considering what she is, I suppose I probably should. What is it she's called in the book, the Seducer? I guess if I didn't like her she wouldn't be doing her job very well, huh? I'm looking forward to how this relationship develops and seeing if Harry can use her power without corrupting himself.

I found the developments with the fallen angel especially interesting in light of Harry's new status as Warden. Complicated life ya got there Harry. On the surface Harry isn't going to do much different as a Warden than he's doing now: protect Chicago, offer assistance to those who need it, foil bad guys. But what about Thomas?

Kumaori made sense, though she was a bit of zealot about it. If the power Harry uses can be turned toward evil why can't the darker power be turned to good? Will that help Harry in the struggle with Lasciel or get him in trouble?

I missed Murphy in this one. I missed the interaction between the two of them. I liked Sheila too though that's hardly surprising I suppose. Still I prefer Murph. I'd love to have known what made Hawai'i interesting for a few days there.