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Book Review of The House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street
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Esperanza lives on Mango Street, located in a poor area of Chicago, and writer of the short, short stories in this little book. Her goal is to leave Mango Street but she cannot forget the many people she knew and the numerous experiences that colored her young life. Some stories are her own while others are based on observations of people she knows and their interactions with others. One thing is certain: these tales were written for a YA audience by a beginning author who will never forget Mango Street.

The author is a poet who also writes fiction. Both her poetry and stories reflect her Latin background. Short poems are scattered through many of the tales. Descriptions and characterizations are pithy and smart. Those about the beautiful Sally are eloquent. âSally is the girl with eyes like Egypt and nylons the color of smoke. The boys in school think she's beautiful because her hair is shiny black like raven feathers and when she laughs, she flicks her hair back like a satin shawl over her shoulders and laughs (p. 81). Such wonderful phrasing were used to describe. Comments about Sally's advice, comments and life complete the picture.