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Book Review of Must Love Hellhounds: The Britlingens Go to Hell / Angel's Judgement / Magic Mourns / Blind Spot

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The Britlingens Go To Hell - Charlaine Harris
Very enjoyable tale of visiting hell to steal a conjuring ball from Lucifer himself. The client is a "man" with two penises - very interesting.

Angel's Judgment - Nalini Singh
I just love this series. Deacon is to die for hot and Sara is perfect as the new Guild Director.

Magic Mourns - Ilona Andrews
This may be part of the Kate Daniels series but Kate doesn't feature in it. Her name is mentioned as is Curran but the story is about her friend and fellow Order Knight Andrea. Andrea is a werehyena as is her almost boyfriend, Raphael. He's trying like hell to get her attention but Andrea is fighting it for personal reasons. A great story of magic, guns, vampires, hell and hellhounds.

Blind Spot - Meljean Brook
I read [book:Demon Angel|42668] which I thought was book 1 of the series but is really book 2 (so maybe that's why I didn't like it). This one was really good though. Blind or not, Geoffrey Blake is a hottie who uses hellhounds as guide dogs. How cool is that? Maggie Wren, guardian, rescues Blake and they head out together to rescue his sister from a demon...falling in love in the process. This was so good that I'll have to give Ms. Brook another chance.