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Book Review of Blood Rites (Dresden Files, Bk 6)

Blood Rites (Dresden Files, Bk 6)
sleach329 avatar reviewed on + 21 more book reviews

I enjoyed this book, but I'd like to see some different things that go bump in the night so to speak. Although I understand with a "war" going on that's what your going to be dealing with.
I feel like Harry has been through so much, and I was so glad to see him finally catch a break in the way of who he gets to have around him. Now if he could just get the girl!
This series is very well written in my opinion, and I have already recommended it to several friends. Now having read only six books in the series I'm even more upset about the fact that the TV show only lasted one season. There's so much that could have been done with it. That's TV for you these days. The shows with great story and great promise get canceled, and we're left with crap reality shows. Unrelated on this site I guess, but still annoying.