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Book Review of Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins
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Set in the 1800's on an isolated island off the coast of California, I'd once heard this book described as the left coast's answer to Squanto. This book is different though in that it's one girls tale of losing her people, meeting European explorers and becoming marooned alone on an island for many years. It's a cross between My Side of the Mountain, Robinson Crusoe and Hatchet.

It's a short first person read that draws in the reader and gives one an idea what it really might have been like to live on that island at that time. The accepting, matter of fact attitude of the main character might well be inspiring to many youths who today think that they have it tough.

At 186 pages, it's well worth investing the time to read it. The reader will gain perspectives and images that will stick with them much longer than many other books of this length