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Book Review of Polio: An American Story

Polio: An American Story
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I'm old enough to remember, having been born in 1947, when polio was a threat in the back of our minds. I've always had some questions as to whether it was Salk or Sabin who should receive credit for eliminating this worry from families. This book answered those questions.

But, more disturbing was the concept of how the "polio appeals" created the basic formats for fund raising campaigns for other diseases and causes. That may be the dark side of this book.

If you enjoyed this book, then I highly recommend "The Great Influenza." It is very much like "Polio," but covers the Spanish flu of 1918-1920, which killed more people than World War I. "The Great Influenza" covers a longer period of time than "Polio," starting with the initial emergence of "modern American" medicine during the Civil War, the accreditation of medical schools, creation of medical labs, and the terrible effects of the epidemic, often caused by many of the political forces and jealousies found in "Polio."