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Book Review of Wizard for Hire: Storm Front / Fool Moon / Grave Peril (Dresden Files, Bks 1-3)

Wizard for Hire: Storm Front / Fool Moon / Grave Peril (Dresden Files, Bks 1-3)
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This was my first introduction to Harry Dresden. I've never seen the TV series; I heard or read somewhere that it was as if Harry Potter had grown up, moved to Chicago, and started a business helping the police. No one mentioned how funny Harry is!

Harry Dresden, professional, but starving, wizard is a smart aleck with a heart of gold. The first book "Storm Front" was hard to put down. The dialogue between Harry and Bob, the spirit that inhabits a human skull and helps Harry whip up potions, is rapid fire, and funny--one wisecrack after another. Harry tackles a group of not-so-friendly vampires, helping the cops solve a murder.

"Fool Moon" was slow for me; Bob was gone, and the action was very bloody and gory. I really had to force myself to finish it.

"Grave Peril" starts with a ghost haunting a hospital nursery. This plot was much better, and kept me more interested. But I had a feeling as though there should have been a book in between; references were made to a previous case, and I felt I had missed something. Having said that, the action really moved along, and was tense enough that I had to finish it!

Oh...and Bob was back. I heart Bob.