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Book Review of Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon, Bk 3)

Atlantis Unleashed (Warriors of Poseidon, Bk 3)
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Great read! Strong but tortured warriors, spunky and determined human mates, crackling personal chemistry and lots of page-turning action - quintessential Alyssa Day.

The latest entry in the Warriors of Poseidon series resolves the cliff hanger ending of Atlantis Awakening where the half-breed warrior Justice volunteered to become the prisoner of the evil vampire goddess Anubisa. Between tormented captivity and the breaking of his gaes Justice's mind has shattered, allowing the non-human portion of his mind off the tight leash he has kept on it. But he has seen the vision of his destined mate and struggles to reach her...

Archaeologist Keely McDermott has a curse, she can 'read' objects to the point she experiences the most emotionally charged event associated with it. She wears a small wooden fish she found because her vision showed her the scene of it's long ago carving by a blue-haired man she continues to dream of. She is invited to Atlantis and thinks the person extending the offer is nuts until he forces an object into her hand and she experiences and 8000 year old vision that takes place in Atlantis. What archaeologist could resist?

The bond between Justice and Keely allows Justice to find his way through the void although his mind is still divided between his Atlantean and Nereid halves. His brothers are thrilled at his return until he grabs Keely and vanishes. Locked up in a sealed cave with a man who claims she belongs to him and who talks to himself - although she only hears half the conversation - was not now Keely expected her visit to Atlantis to start...

AD has planted lots of 'teasers' for future books along the way. Book 6 is due out this July and is already on pre-order!

Warriors of Poseidon
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