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Book Review of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Fool Moon Volume 2 HC

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files: Fool Moon Volume 2 HC
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This is the second volume in the Jim Butchers Dresden Files Fool Moon graphic novel story arc. It did a good job of wrapping up the story and was well written, but the artwork again left a lot to be desired.

This graphic novel picks up where the first volume left off and covers issues 5-8 of the Fool Moon story. Harry is trying to track down the werewolf that is murdering people with the help of the sexy Tera West and a group of teenage werewolves. Murphy continues to not trust him and is making life difficult for Harry. Harry gets beat up like crazy and manages to pull through in the Harry-like way he is famous for.

Again the biggest disappointment for this book is the illustration, it is just not up to par. Welcome to the Jungle and Storm Front had stunning illustration and Fool Moons illustration has kind of sucked. There is yet another illustrator for Goblin Ghoul, so I am hoping we will see some improvement there.

The story is well done and captures the complexity of all of the different werewolf groups well without ever getting confusing. The dialogue is well written and contains the campy humor that Dresden is know for. It was an enjoyable read and well done. This is the installment where we get to meet Georgia and Billy. Also Tera West features in here and helps Dresden out in tracking down the loup garou.

Overall a decent wrap up to this storyline. The artwork needs a lot of work though. Fans of the Dresden series and fans of urban fantasy graphic novels will enjoy this. I really really hope we get better artwork in Goblin Ghoul. However the writing is well done and captures the essence of Harry Dresden very well.