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Book Review of Zoo

lgcentaur avatar reviewed on
Helpful Score: 5

The only reason I did not give this book a full 5/5 stars was because I felt the ending just abandoned the reader. I understand why the authors chose to leave the story as unfinished as they did and I admire them for it. But, still, some kind of more solid conclusion would have made me happy.

Beware readers: this is in the same genre and feeling as a Michael Crichton novel! It is scary and far too close to home for comfort. I was moved deeply by it and I'm pretty sure this novel will stay with me for a long time, if not forever.

Particularly, folks interested in biology and the environment, who aren't government happy will love this book.

Great read! Hard to put down once you've started. Keeps you guessing and hoping and praying, and then more praying.