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Book Review of The Friday Night Knitting Club (Knitting Club, Bk 1)

The Friday Night Knitting Club (Knitting Club, Bk 1)
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The hours of Walker and Daughter: Knitters are very clear. But Georgia Walker is always known to stay open a few extra minutes for that run-in customer. Georgia and her daughter Dakota make their living in New York with their friends who are in themselves a remarkable bunch of women. Lucie, the television producer who is between jobs, but never misses a club meeting, Anita Georgia's long time best friend, Darwin, an idealistic grad student whose life isn't quite as perfect as it may seem, and KC, a former workmate of Georgia's who does more talking than knitting.

But Georgia's routine is shattered when Dakota's father James suddenly reappears and wants to be a part of his daughter's life. Georgia, still stinging from his betrayal almost 13 years ago, is not sure she wants to let him in, and all of the other club members have issues of their own, but somehow, they all come together every Friday night and in the end they realize they have more than just a club, but a sisterhood.

Truthfully, "Friday Night Knitting Club" was slow to start. It's definitely not a page turner, but despite the lack of "excitement" I sincerely enjoyed it. Jacobs has created characters that I can relate with and feel a connection to. I cried very hard at the end of this book and am excited to read the next book that is out now.

"Friday Night Knitting Club" really doesn't need a long review. It was a feel-good chicklit book for grown up fans of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." Great book, great fun!