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Book Review of Abby Finds Her Calling (Home at Cedar Creek, Bk 1)

Abby Finds Her Calling (Home at Cedar Creek, Bk 1)
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This is a very interesting book. Twenty nine year old Abby who helps everyone and has a kind word for them for them has not married because she loves James Graber who is engaged to marry her 17 year old. On their wedding day Zanna vanishes and turns up later at Abby's 3 months pregnant by another man. James Graber learns Zanna was not who he thought she was. James is attracted to Abby and vice versa, but he is afraid to talk to her. They both go through a fire, seeing other people repent and change, Zanna's baby born and she is allowed to keep it.Will the father ever come forward. This book covers a lot of events in The Amish Community at Cedar Creek, Missouri.