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Book Review of Goodnight Nobody

Goodnight Nobody
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Helpful Score: 10

This was a different read for me of late. I've read one other Jennifer Weiner book, Good in Bed, and this was good but I liked that one better. This one lacked that zany touch of humor -- feeling like I was bogged down in Kate's life along with her would have been a bit easier with a few more laughs, although that was probably part of what she was getting at.

Overall, good book, but not great. And remind me not to get married, move to Connecticut, have a few kids and become a supermommy while my husband works long hours, becomes dismissive, and forgets how to be good in bed!

My more specific impressions? First, Kate is living the life I think I dread most -- one everyone thinks is perfect from the edges, but once inside you see that Kate is just there for other people to use and ignore. Actually I think it wouldn't be so bad if she were going through it with her husband as opposed to knowing her husband is watching distantly and still can't be bothered... Anyway, very well titled book.

It's also a very slow book, at least in the first half. It picked up a lot past the midway point, once more and more interesting things started to surface and especially after Kitty became more fleshed out as a character, even postmortem. And I caught the little play on the childhood name as compared to the main character's.

There were a few things I'd wish had been more specifically spelled out at the end, but that's just me and my need to know everything that did and will happen!