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Book Review of The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book
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First, a few points: 1) This is a children's book. 2) It is written by Neil Gaiman. 3) Yes, it is possible for points 1 and 2 to co-exist. This book was very mild by traditional Neil Gaiman standards, and it would be possible for an older child (10+) to read this book without psychological trauma or recurring nightmares. In fact, I am almost inclined to call this book "sweet."

This book felt a little bit like a Neverwhere for kids. The plot, of course, is not as rich (because it is more age-appropriate) but the spirit of adventure and other-worldliness living among the "normal" world is palpable throughout. The plot is pretty safe, the action is relatively tame, and the danger (while still having Gaiman's fingerprints all over it) is nothing like what you would find in in his books for adults.

This was a simple but poignant and enjoyable read. I hold no reservations in my willingness to recommend it to others, especially if you're already a fan of Gaiman's work.