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Book Review of Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)

Dead Beat (Dresden Files, Bk 7)
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This is Book 7 of the Dresden Files.

This book was a little different than the previous installments. There was a ton of action in the last third of the book when everything came together, but the start of the book only had pockets of action. It started off rather slowly, gradually building tension like a preternatural pressure cooker.

There was really only one main conflict in this book: necromancers were in town and wanted to do very bad things. Naturally, Harry got involved. And for the first time in the series, he was facing a situation that was truly and completely out of his league.

This book is full of surprises and I won't even hint at them with spoilers. Just know that there are character revelations, deceptions, alliances, misunderstandings, offers, and moral gray areas that significantly add to the depth and interest of the storyline.

The sub-plot of the storyline is vital to Murphy's future, and yet she is noticeably absent from all but the first and last pages of the book. Medical Examiner Waldo Butters is there to fill in the gaps and his character development was very well done and enjoyable (if not painful at times) to watch.

This book was very good once it got going. It was a darker book that hints at darker times on the horizon, but it hints at good things there as well. And it also reminds us of this universal truth: Polka will never die.