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Book Review of Twilight (Twilight, Bk 1)

Twilight (Twilight, Bk 1)
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Very interesting, attention-capturing fiction. Has romance, but isn't trashy. I read the books after seeing the movies, and am very glad I did. The books explain so much that the movies can't.
Edward, one of the main characters, is old fashioned and believes in abstinence until marriage, and practices great amounts of self-control to stay true to his beliefs. Bella, the other main character, is typical of the insecurities and flaws of us women. It is a great rendition of most girls dream of being loved, protected & saved by the guy she loves. With a sci-fi twist.
I also like the way this series is written in the first person perspective...from Bella's viewpoint. Can't wait to read the full version of Midnight Sun, Ms. Meyer's telling of this story from Edward's perspective.
I have read it twice, actually. Am working my way through the whole series a 2nd time. I'm a female adult. My husband and my 16 yr old son both read & enjoyed the whole series. They are close Twilight fans, too. I personally wouldn't allow my younger children read these, yet. I think, IMHO, that the content is more appropriate for 14+. A bit edgy at times, and has heavy themes, along with a few curse words every now & then. Warning: the sexual content picks up considerably in the final book, although it is non-explicit, and is in the confines of marriage. Also, I found that the curse words increased a little with each book. Sad that she couldn't have simply left it out altogether; although I realize Ms. Meyer was trying to draw us a picture of Jacob's (& the other tribe member's) character, and the roughness therein.