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Book Review of Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
twosey avatar reviewed on + 52 more book reviews

I'm not sure why I didn't connect with the characters of this book but I didn't. I guess the reader is expected to sympathize with an irrational, emotionally unstable teen OR her arrogant, selfish and indulgant father. I found myself in Joe's corner even though I don't think he really had one. I appreciated the difficulty of his situation more than any of the others.

As for the "pack", I appreciated the first 50 pages of wolf research, but it lost luster with me pretty quickly.

I've read at least 4 other novels by this author and usually have to prepare myself emotionally before I dive into one of her stories. She can usually get an emotional rise out of me a few times before the end, but this one just had me feeling like she was using wolf factoids as a filler to make this book a novel.